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The House of Stuart Sequence (update)

I wrote to you recently about my book “The Year of The Prince” which told of a successful Jacobite Uprising in 1745 and the entry of Prince Charles Edward Stuart and his troops into London on the 1st of January 1746.

The book is volume one in my six-volume alternative history “The House of Stuart Sequence” and I am very pleased to announce that volume two is now available as a Kindle book.

“The King Shall Have His Own Again” explores the history of Great Britain, Europe and North America during the reigns of King James III, King Charles III and King Victor Francis. It takes the story of the restored Stuarts to the year 1800.

A King is assassinated, a fateful battle is fought on Drumossie Moor, the burning issue of slavery is addressed and a Stuart Prince dies a heroic death as a Crusader.

You can see further details and you can purchase “The King Shall Have His Own Again” by clicking on this link:


Further volumes of The House of Stuart Sequence are currently in preparation and I am hopeful that physical books of the series will be available at some stage in 2017.

I’d be delighted if you could spread the news of this new book to friends and colleagues.

Kind regards,

George H Kearton




The two quite splendid covers have been created by the very talented Jack Tindale.

For details of the full range of alternative history works published by Sea Lion Press, go to: