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Could the Jacobites have won in 1745?

We received an email from an author that may be of interest to some:-

I am very pleased to announce the publication of my first novel, “The Year of The Prince”.

The book is volume one in a sequence of six novels of alternative history (“The House of Stuart Sequence”) which, between them, will present how our history might have changed if the Jacobite Uprising of 1745 had been successful. Much of the book is devoted to a successful campaign through England in 1745 which culminates in a triumphant Jacobite entry into London after battles at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Warrington, Stafford and Kings Lynn.

The sequence traces a line of monarchs from a restored House of Stuart through to the year 1900 and shows how British, European, American and World history could have been very different if “Bonnie Prince Charlie” and his supporters had carried on to London and not retreated from Derby in December of 1745.

The book is published by Sea Lion Press, the UK’s leading publisher of alternative history and a short extract is attached for your interest.

The Kindle version of “The Year of The Prince” is available now from Amazon by following this link:


Volume two, “The King Shall Have His Own Again”, takes the story to the year 1800 and will be available as a Kindle book later this year.

I hope you find “The Year of The Prince” of interest and that you might feel able to tell your members and friends of its existence.

Your members might also like to know that my two toy/model soldier reference books (“The Collectors Guide to Plastic Toy Soldiers” and “The Alamo in Miniature”) are both available to order from the History of Wargaming project atwww.wargaming.co/toysoldiers/home.htm


George H Kearton